Daily Giz Wiz 57: Belkin Pure AV Remote

Episode 57 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Belkin Pure AV Remote
Released:Tuesday 9 May 2006
Length:about 9 minutes
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Short info

Take it outside, or anywhere within 350 feet, with the Belkin PureAV Remote TV. $500

Detailed information

Send high quality audio/video from one room and watch it in another with PureAV Remote TV which uses its own proprietary 5 GHz wireless technology (which gets less interference and sends stronger signals than the conventional 2.4GHz frequency).  You can even remotely control the AV source with the Remote Control Extender.  Transmission distance can be up to 350 feet, but will depend on the number and thickness of floors walls, and objects between the two units.  Maximum resolution is 480i.

Did you know?

One of Dick's favourite CES gadgets was an internet-enabled Refrigerator/Microwave oven which chills your dinner until you surf to it from the office to tell it to defrost and then cook your dinner.  LG did anounce in CES 2001 an internet-enabled microwave which can download recipes and cooking times, but it doesn't seem to be in production.  Read article.

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