Daily Giz Wiz 571: Macally Powertune

Episode 571 of the podcast

Macally Powertune
Subject: Review of Macally Powertune
Released:Monday 19 May 2008
Length:about 9 minutes
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Short info

Macally PowerTune, the all-in-one portable speakers, battery charger, protective case and stand for the iPod.

Detailed information

The PowerTune is an all-in-one iPod battery pack, protective case and speaker system.  The clear protective cover flips back to double up as a stand to make watching video on the iPod more comfortable.  The battery is a Lithium ion rechargeable battery (rechargeable via USB), which doubles the battery life of the iPod.  Supports the 5th generation iPod and the current iPod Classic.  From Macally.

TTTT Inspiration

Kerry Lutz from Armonk, New York (previous letters to DGW in Episodes 318 and 403) has been inspired by DGW to get his children to clear the dinner table and do the washing up.  He just says to his children, it's "Turn-The-Tables-Tuesday".  The children have no riposte to that.

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