Daily Giz Wiz 576: Hot Stop

Episode 576 of the podcast

Hot Stop
Subject: Review of Hot Stop
Released:Monday 26 May 2008
Length:about 16 minutes
Download file:dgw0576.mp3 (7.5 MB)

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Short info

Curb that scalding shower water with Hotstop.

Detailed information

HotStop is a collection of anti-scalding devices (spout, shower head, and hand shower) which slow down the water flow to a trickle when the water gets too hot.  When the water temperature comes down again to a safe level, the water flow will resume, usually within 30 seconds.  No special tools required, and you can install them yourself.

A little more sophisticated than the Temperature Faucet Light (Episode 269).

Twitter TWiT Derby Result

Apart from not begging (Episode 573), Leo doesn't play dirty either, to win the Hubdub Twitter TWiT Derby, ending at midnight on 25 May 2008.  He only asked listeners to follow him and Dvorak, and unfollow Kevin Rose, in return for a chance to win the new Ultimate Gaming Machine (in TWiT Episode 143).  To his credit, Leo quickly realised how silly it was and gave a retraction and apology on Twitter.

Leo has also been asking his radio audience on The Tech Guy to follow him on Twitter to send him questions and comments.  Top that, Kevin!

With all these desperate moves, Leo has now won the TWiT Derby.  His mid-life crisis is officially over; we can all delete our accounts (and our false names) on Twitter; and dare we hope that in return the TWits may finally stop talking about Twitter?

The Ultimate Gaming Machine

It was 10 years ago on TechTV on ZDTV that Leo built the "Ultimate Gaming Machine".  Read Leo's explanation on his blog.

Another Reason for Audible

Girl Geek, aka Myra Joyce, has found a motivation for subscribing to Audible for city-dwellers who don't need to commute to work, and another reason for writing to Dick.  It drags her away from her computer to go for long walks.

Leo's Autobiography

Leo struggles to think of a name for his autobiography.  Dick and Leo came up with lame suggestions "It Wasn't Just A Rubber Ball" and "After The Ball Is Busted".  Nothing like the name of his unauthorised boigraphy, "I Never Met The Man".  See Episodes 320 and 324.

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