Daily Giz Wiz 579: Twist-Lok

Episode 579 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Twist-Lok
Released:Thursday 29 May 2008
Length:about 20 minutes
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Short info

Switch quickly from drilling to driving with the Twist-Lok.

Detailed information

The Twist-Lok is essentially an adapter that fits on to any drill, for driving a screw into the hole you've just drilled with your electric drill.  After you've finished drilling the hole, you put the Twist-Lok driver over the original drill bit, and you can start driving the screw into the hole, without having to change the drill bit.

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The Dick Cam

Dick is on Stickam too while recording the show, and notes that George Wood and Girl Geek are in his chatroom.  Dick on Stickam.  That's Dickam?

Stay Home Please

Ryan Kenny from Indiana loves DGW and listens to it almost every day.  He missed Leo when Leo went to Australia.  Stay home please, asks Ryan.

The Return of the Mad Minute

Mad Minute returns.  Mini-News Update with Sara Fowler.

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