Daily Giz Wiz 581: Panther Vision's Safe-T-Bug

Episode 581 of the podcast

Panther Vision's Safe-T-Bug
Subject: Review of Panther Vision's Safe-T-Bug
Released:Monday 2 June 2008
Length:about 23 minutes
Download file:dgw0581.mp3 (10.7 MB)

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Short info

The clip-on Panther Vision's Safe-T-Bug provides 360-degree nighttime visibility.

Detailed information

From Dick's favourite LED gadget makers Panther Vision, the Safe-T-Bug (or Safety Bug) has 5 ultra-bright red LED flashing lights which you can attach (by pin, adhesive or magnet) to your cap, backpack, clothing or even your dog's leash for showing you the way.  It is so new it's not even on Panther Vision's website yet.  A real scoop by Dick!

[Update: The product has finally appeared on the PantherVision website, and is now called the Safety Bug.

The Queen Mary 2

Dick had a great time on the Queen Mary 2.  Listen to Dick's account of how well-equipped the Queen Mary 2 is, and learn what is the difference between a boat and a ship.

Dick has posted some of his QM2 photos on Flickr.  Here's the link.

More Gas

Ray from San Antonio in Texas was prompted by the recent references to the Mad "It's A Gas" recording to look for his Mad CD which had Alfred E Neuman on its cover.  Lo and behold, or Hark, It's A Gas was on that CD.

Leo was sent a disco version of "It's A Gas" which Leo plays on the show.  The belches were made by Dick and Sara Fowler.  Leo also found a big-band version of "It's A Gas" on seeqpod (thanks to the chatroom), which he likes better.

Mad Minute

Alfco FastFoods's new service: Ordering by Letters.

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