Daily Giz Wiz 583: CyberLink Media Show

Episode 583 of the podcast

CyberLink Media Show
Subject: Review of CyberLink Media Show
Released:Wednesday 4 June 2008
Length:about 15 minutes
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Create and share videos with ease with the CyberLink MediaShow 4

Detailed information

Dick loves Cyberlink's YouCam (Episode 443) so much that he was delighted to see a demo by Andy Marken (via GoToMeeting, Leo thinks) of another piece of software from Cyberlink, MediaShow 4.  It manages your photos and videos, makes slide shows of your photos with background music, qjuickly enhances your photos and videos, and enables you to share your photos and videos easily on Flickr and YouTube.

Conversion Chart for Engineers

Tracy Taylor came across a conversion chart which could have come from Mad.

What is the ratio of an igloo's circumference to its diameter?  An Eskimo pi.

What is 2000 pounds of Chinese soup?  Wonton soup.

The time between slipping on a banana peel and smacking on the pavement?  One ba-nano second.

Half a large intestine?  A semi-colon.

2000 mocking birds?  To kill a mocking bird.

The chatroom groans.

To see the full conversion table, click here.

Mad Minute

Editoral replies to editorial queries.

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