Daily Giz Wiz 584: Lifegear Radio Model LGTF-38

Episode 584 of the podcast

Lifegear Radio Model LGTF-38
Subject: Review of Lifegear Radio Model LGTF-38
Released:Thursday 5 June 2008
Length:about 21 minutes
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Short info

Survive multiple emergencies with the LED flashlight, alarm clock, radio, siren, phone charger LifeGear Radio Model LGTF38.

Detailed information

Another multi-functional gadget from LifeGear.  The Model LGTF38 has a 4-LED reading light on the handle that lights up when folded up, a flashlight in front, AM/FM radio, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) weather alert, alarm, 2 NiMH rechargeable batteries, and a hand crank for emergency power.  It even charges your cellphone.

Dick reminds us again to make sure that any hand crank device should have a rechargeable battery that can store up the power.

For a previous LifeGear multi-functional gadget, see the Safety Cross PSD (Episode 249).  For another hand-crank radio, see the Eton FR300 (Episode 16).

The Land of the Rolling Hills

Daniel Bingham from Houston, Texas writes to Dick about the meaning of Petaluma, the Land of the Rolling Hills.  Also the land of the man who rolls on the big ball, according to Dick.  Daniel quoted this blog (for Episode 549).  Neither Dick nor Leo could make sense of the blog post, as it expected logical consistency and quality from Dick and Leo.

Not on this show, say Dick and Leo, we just ramble far and wide.

Dick and Leo continue to speculate on the identity of InsideDGW.  For their previous discussion, see Episodes 494 and 507.

Match Game on YouTube

Leo thinks that since the Game Show Network started showing Match Game, there have been a lot of past episodes of Match Game on YouTube, going as far back as 1964 (and the show started in 1962).  To hear the original theme with announcer Johnny Olson, with guests Joan Fontaine, Betty White, Peggy Cass, Bennett Cerf, Henry Morgan and Robert Q Lewis, click here.  The theme was taken from an instrumental piece written and recorded by Bert Kaempfert, called Swingin' Safari, though the version which made a hit on the Billboard was the cover version by Billy Vaughn.  The internet cannot decide which version was used on the Match Game.  You can decide for yourself.

For Bert Kaempfert's version, click here.  For Billy Vaughn's version, click here.

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