Daily Giz Wiz 585: Dialmaster 1000

Episode 585 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Dialmaster 1000
Released:Friday 6 June 2008
Length:about 13 minutes
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From the Gadget Warehouse: The Sharp Dialmaster 100

Detailed information

Calculator/Electronic Phonebook/Dialer
Link Amazon

This is the second gadget donated by a listener and accepted by Dick into the hallowed grounds of the Gadget Warehouse.  Prompted by the PhoneMate Just In Case Beeper (Episode 540), listener Ed Wunder offered the Sharp Dial Master 100 EL6230 to Dick, which was small enough for Dick to find room for it in the Warehouse.

Ed Wunder bought it from K-Mart 20 years ago for $100.  It was a calculator, address book (for 100 contacts) and auto-dialer.  The lid flipped down to reveal the keypad.  There was even a secret compartment to hold notes which your could password-protect.  At the back of the gadget was the speaker which you would hold near a phone for its auto-dialing function.

It may still be available on AudioBlowouts, and Amazon.

Match Game Cards

There are still 6 sets of those left.  Your last chance to get one.


Kory Klimoski was listening to Episode 567 on his way to work in which Dick and Leo discussed the IRS and the FBI, so he called DEA.  DGW is like crack to Kory.  He must have his daily fix, even if it makes him spend all his hard-earned money.  Speaking of audible crack, Kory recommends the Aubrey series by Pat O'Brian.

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No Mad Minute today.

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