Daily Giz Wiz 588: ItzBeen

Episode 588 of the podcast

Subject: Review of ItzBeen
Released:Wednesday 11 June 2008
Length:about 18 minutes
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Short info

Know how long since the newborn's last change, feeding or nap with the ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer.

Detailed information

A special clock/timer for the busy mum or dad who has to look after a baby, called itzbeen.  Press the right button, and it keeps track of how long it's been since you last changed the diaper, fed the baby, or put the baby to sleep (or woke the baby).  The 4th button you can use for whatever task you want to assign it to.  The L/R button is to remind mother which side the baby last nursed from.  You can choose to have itzbeen beep an alarm for you, too.

eBay Scams

David from Ohio and his wife have been stung by a scam seller on eBay.  The product was never shipped, and eBay and Paypal were less than helpful.  Dick and Leo have both been similarly stung, Dick when trying to buy a pair of Piloti racing sneakers, and Leo when he tried to buy a camera for the TWiTLive Studio.  Dick lost $70, and Leo lost a whopping $2,200.

Leo suggests that anyone buying from eBay should check the seller's reputation and rating on eBay and make sure that he has been in business for over a year.  Also, choose a seller with an insurance coverage enough to cover your potential loss.  Or just buy with a credit card.  When there is a claim or complaint, file it within the 45-day limit.

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