Daily Giz Wiz 592: Skyscan 88825

Episode 592 of the podcast

Skyscan 88825
Subject: Review of Skyscan 88825
Released:Tuesday 17 June 2008
Length:about 17 minutes
Download file:dgw0592.mp3 (7.9 MB)

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Short info

Keep those podcasts running on time with the Skyscan 88825 giant atomic clock.

Detailed information

Leo has a gadget ready waiting on his left, another on his right, but Dick wants one from behind Leo, which ends up being the SkyScan 88825.  An atomic clock.  SkyScan specialises in them.  Check out its more recent models on skyscninfo.com.

Photo above from eBay.

Criswell Poeticises

The Daily Giz Wiz has turned Criswell lyrical. He/She has written a GizWiz Nursery Rhyme:

Monday's GizWiz is full of glee®.
Tuesday's GizWiz is full of crap, you'll see.
Wednesday has a no-theme meme.
But oh, poor Thursday truly has no theme.
And the GizWiz we hear on the Friday day
Is a trip to Dick's Warehouse where he takes them out to play.

Coming this Friday on TWiTLive

On the first day of summer, 20 June 2008, Dick will appear on TWiTLive to show some of Wild Planet gadgets, and spend an unspecified amount of time with Leo, including special programming for TWiTLive.

Special Appearance

Leo's wife Jennifer sensibly refuses to appear on camera during the recording of the show, but their puppy Ozzy makes a special appearance.  Here's a photo of Ozzy.  For Ozzy's story, listen to the Letters Section in Episode 353.

Jingle Singers Video: Coming Soon

Dick and Leo refer to a new video of the Jingle Singers performing the Letters Jingle.  Leo has misplaced Dick's email for the time being.  Keep listening.  And Leo will be here.

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