Daily Giz Wiz 595: Nintendo Game Boy DMG-01

Episode 595 of the podcast

Nintendo Game Boy DMG-01
Subject: Review of Nintendo Game Boy DMG-01
Released:Friday 20 June 2008
Length:about 13 minutes
Download file:dgw0595.mp3 (5.8 MB)

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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse: The Nintendo Game Boy DMG-001.

Detailed information

From 1989, the DMG-01 was the first Nintendo Game Boy.  About $89 when it was first released, 5.8" x 3.5" x 1.3", with a grey-scale 2.6" LCD screen of 160 x 144 pixels.  The CPU was similar to the Intel 8080, 8KB of S-RAM, 8KB of Video RAM.  Despite its bulky size and poor display (by today's standards), it proved extremely popular, and the Tetris game had a lot to do with it.

The success of the original Game Boy was such that the next new model (with the exception of the Play It Loud series which had the same specs, just cases with different colours), the Game Boy Pocket, wasn't released until 1996, which was smaller and lighter.

Kiddie Rides

Not a letter from a listener, but a press release from Damon Carson, President of Kiddie Rides USA, which refurbishes old coin-operated kiddie rides.  They're now available for sale.

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