Daily Giz Wiz 600: The Third Hand

Episode 600 of the podcast

Subject: Review of The Third Hand
Released:Friday 27 June 2008
Length:about 20 minutes
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Short info

The Gadget Warehouse comes to Pantaluma in the form of the Third (or Second) Hand.

Detailed information

Made by Fred Lane Enterprises, the Third Hand was a food tray complete with elastic bands to hold a bottle and a glass, with a rubberised strap that hangs over your neck like the old cigarette girl's cigarette tray, in camouflage/army fatigue style.  It also tilted inward a bit.  Neither Dick nor Leo could quite work out its raison d'etre.  Prompted by the Chatroom, Leo used the Third Hand to hold his laptop (which broke up the live video connection).
Dick thinks he may have got it from a Gourmet Show or National Hardware Show, but there is no evidence of it on the web any more.  The closest he can find is another tray called the Third Hand Snack Tray, for holding your drink and snacks.

No Video Download Yet for Episode 600

Leo did mention at one stage during GizWizLive on 27 June that he would make Episode 600 available as a video download.  So far only the audio is available.  Perhaps it won't be released as a video after all.

Another DGW Marathon

JR Rodriguez IV thinks he's got a record, for having listened to most DGW episodes in one day (his favourite of all podcasts).  He started at 8 a.m. and finally dozed off at 5 a.m., covering 54 complete episodes.
For other DGW marathons, check out the following episodes: 198, 233, 234, 386, 429 and 505.

More GizWizLive on Stickam?

Andy from Stickam is trying to persuade Dick to do a show on Stickam.  Dick is tempted.  Maybe something on Mad.  In the meantime, follow DGW's recording every Tuesday starting at 1 pm Pacific Time (4 pm Eastern Time and 20:00 UTC).

4th Sesquicentennial

Episode 600 happens to be DGW's 4th Sesquicentennial, Leo's favourite word.  For a gentle celebration, I've done a simple slideshow of a random selection of gadgets covered in the last 600 episodes of DGW (mostly in chronological order, with some exceptions), including not only the featured gadgets, but also gadgets mentioned in passing by Dick and Leo during the shows, some of which may be too obscure for most listeners.  See how many of them you can recognise.

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The soundtrack is compiled from the familiar DGW jingles and themes: Opening Theme (Mark Blasco), Monday Theme (Dan Lueders), TTTT Theme (George Wood), Spork Commercial (Dan Lueders), Letters Jingle (George Wood), Wednesday Theme (Dan Lueders), Wait-For-Dick Jingle (Paul Minshall), Warehouse Friday Theme (Paul Minshall and George Wood), Festive Letters Jingle (George Wood), Closing Theme/Gravy Jingle (Paul Minshall).

The DGW album art at the beginning of the video is by Lori LeBeau-Walsh.  Images of the virtual Dick's Gadget Warehouse previously on Second Life are by David Knighton.

GizWizBiz Cap Special Offer

In celebration of Episode 600, Dick has a special offer for the GizWizBiz LED Cap.  The offer expires by 7th July.

Ordering 1 cap: you also get an autographed copy of Mad or a Mad Special;

Ordering 2 caps: you don't get the Mad or Mad Special, but you get a GizWizBiz light changing LED Ice Cube - which you can put in your drink (battery irreplaceable) OR a GizWizBiz lighted folding pen;

Ordering 3 caps: you get everything: an autographed Mad, the Ice Cube and the lighted folding pen.

Details available from Dick's website.

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