Daily Giz Wiz 604: Toilet Tunes

Episode 604 of the podcast

Toilet Tunes
Subject: Review of Toilet Tunes
Released:Thursday 3 July 2008
Length:about 15 minutes
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Short info

For those who love the musical fruit, keep harmony with Toilet Tunes.

Detailed information

Link: Taylor Gifts   ToiletTunes

Toilet Tunes consists of 2 parts, a motion sensor which you stick to the underside of the lavatory lid (waterproof and washable), and a music player.  Keep the lid down at all times.  When the lid is lifted, the motion sensor will send a wireless signal to the music player which will start playing music or nature sounds of your choice (jazz, modern, Latin guitar, rain, ocean waves, mountain stream).  An idea of screenwriter Lewis Green, the intended purpose is to alert others that the toilet is being occupied.  A unique toilet privacy solution.

Or you can lock the bathroom door.

New Thursday Theme

The new Thursday Theme by Dan Lueders gets aired today.

GizWizBiz Ice Cube

The GizWizBiz Ice Cube is not available for sale, but comes free if you order 2 or 3 GizWizBiz Caps.

The Ancient Sounds of Tetris

19-year-old Samuel Lewis seldom gets nostalgic over Warehouse Friday gadgets, but he was born in the year the Nintendo Game Boy (Episode 595) came out, and had one of them when he was old enough to play it.  He now plays a Nintendo DS, but still has the tune of Tetris in his head.

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