Daily Giz Wiz 606: Display Link

Episode 606 of the podcast

Display Link
Subject: Review of Display Link
Released:Monday 7 July 2008
Length:about 18 minutes
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Short info

Feed video from one monitor to another with the Display Link USB Graphics Adapter.

Detailed information

Display Link is a technology built into different products which enables easy multi-monitor display from a single computer or source.  The extra display may be an extended display, or a mirrored/cloned display.  At the simplest level, Display Link can be used in an External Display Adapter, such as the Gefen USB to DVI Adapter (picture above).  Just install the Display Link driver on your computer (Windows and Mac supported), plug the Adapter to a USB port, connect a 2nd monitor to the Adapter via DVI, and you have a 2nd display monitor.

Display Link relies on hardware manufacturers to apply the technology in their products.  For example, you can have a monitor with a built-in Display Link hardware rendering engine chip, and you can connect the monitor directly to a USB port on your computer to be used as a secondary display, such as LG's Flatron L206WU (which has a USB hub as well, for daisy chaining additional Display Link-enabled monitors).

Samsung's SyncMaster 2263DX comes with its own 7-inch secondary display monitor which you can put alongside or on top of the main display.  You connect the main unit using both the main connection (whether it be HDMI, DVI or VGA), and also to a USB port on the computer, and then connect the 7-in display to the main monitor via USB.  X-bit Labs has a review of this monitor.

For a list of Display Link-supported devices, click here.

DGW 4th Sesquicentennial Video

Dick refers to email from someone who has made a video, putting all the DGW themes and jingles back to back, with pictures of past gadgets.  That someone would be me, and while we wait for Dick or Leo to dig up the email, you can see the video on YouTube, or go back to the blog post for Episode 600.

Stay Unconnected

Both Dick and Leo are frustrated with the "Scale Whale" or "Fail Whale" that is Twitter.  Dennis Wright suggests Summize to Dick for searching for Twitter replies.  Dick suggests going to Stay Unconnected, which is apparently run by those who make the SpearHats (Episode 537), to have some fun.

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