Daily Giz Wiz 607: Sanyo Pro 700, 200

Episode 607 of the podcast

Sanyo Pro 700, 200
Subject: Review of Sanyo Pro 700, 200
Released:Tuesday 8 July 2008
Length:about 14 minutes
Download file:dgw0607.mp3 (6.7 MB)

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Short info

Sanyo's Pro 700 and Pro 200 use push-to-talk QChat on a CDMA phone over EVDO.

Detailed information

Sanyo's Pro 700 and Pro 200 are designed for the Sprint Nextel network.  They have the same features, but the Pro 700 has a more rugged design (built to military specs, though not waterproof).  These are CDMA phones with "QChat" enabled to make use of Nextel's Direct Connect, Push-To-Talk service.  Its Group Connect capability allows you to chat with up to 20 other Direct Connect users.  Comes with GPS and Bluetooth.

Bartender, Oil My Winkle

Bill Kennedy writes in to explain his unusual signature (Episode 532): Bartender, Oil My Winkle.  It's an anagram of his full name, William Robert Kennedy.

Leo's Middle Name

Surprisingly, it's not Podcast, but Gordon.  Is Leo Gordon Laporte a Large Poodle Or Not?

Bill Gaines's Full Name

Bill Gaines was William Maxwell Gaines.  Dick explains that in Mad Magazine, whenever reference was made to him, his name got longer and longer, until in the end it became (accordingly to Wikipedia) William Mildred Farnsworth Higgenbottom Pius Gaines IX Esq

All Things Nautical

For all things nautical, Dick recommends Chapman's Marine Manual.

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