Daily Giz Wiz 609: Philips Avent Baby Monitor

Episode 609 of the podcast

Philips Avent Baby Monitor
Subject: Review of Philips Avent Baby Monitor
Released:Thursday 10 July 2008
Length:about 16 minutes
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Short info

Check on your infant with the full-featured Philips Avent Baby Monitor.

Detailed information

The Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor uses DECT technology to ensure zero interference between the baby monitor in the baby's room and the parent unit, by automatically switching among its 60 available channels, and to give you a private encrypted channel for listening to your baby.  It warns you when the parent unit gets out of range (technical spec is up to 300m) or the link is for any reason lost (with visual and audible link indicators).  It comes with a battery indicator, a low battery warning indicator and volume control.  In addition to the main parent unit, there is also a smaller mobile remote parent unit which still allows you to monitor the baby when you're moving around the house.

Apart from listening in on the baby, its Talk-Back intercom function allows you to talk back to the baby.  A "Starry Night Light" feature gives your baby a night light "with soothing stars to comfort your baby".

There are different models in different countries.  In the US, you can get the SCD 589 (one parent unit) or SCD 590 (2 parent units).  The SD 590 also monitors the room temperature of the baby's room, and comes with 5 lullabies for the baby.

GPS Lady on Audible?

Leo has said that some recent models of GPS devices can play Audible books.  Ira asks, Does it mean that now the GPS Lady becomes the narrator?

DGW in Order

Opher Banarie (from Episodes 236 and 554) finally succumbs to the iPod after putting up with other MP3 players.  However, the iPod insists on playing DGW starting with the most recent episode, in reverse chronological order.  Leo suggests making a playlist on iTunes arranging them by Song Name, or using the On-The-Go Playlist feature on the iPod itself.

Dash Update

Leo wants to talk about updates on the Dash Express (Episode 572) but will reserve that for TTTT next week, as this show is already chock full of extemporaneous stuff and too much for InsideDGW, Pilot of Air Force One, to transcribe.

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