Daily Giz Wiz 611: Days Ago Digital Counter

Episode 611 of the podcast

Days Ago Digital Counter
Subject: Review of Days Ago Digital Counter
Released:Monday 14 July 2008
Length:about 21 minutes
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Short info

Know how fresh your food is with the DaysAgo Digital Counter.

Detailed information

Dick and Leo go all yada-yada today and almost forget to talk about the gadget.  DaysAgo's Digital Day Counter is just that.  It keeps track of the number of days that have elapsed since you started the counter going by pressing the button.  You can put it on jars and bottles in the fridge, or other things you can think of.  3 different models offer different ways of attachment: magnetic, suction and elastic band.

iPhone 3G Launch

At the time of recording, Leo had yet to do his 24-hour iPhone 3G launch coverage.  Leo predicts that he will be dragged out of the TWiT Cottage kicking and screaming in a nervous breakdown.  He wasn't, but some may well think that he should have been.  As Dick says, when he joined the TWiT network, he took Leo out of his shell, but now he's gone out of his mind.

This Way To The Egress

Because of the need for perfect audio and video conditions, all egresses of the TWiT Cottage have to be covered in dark fabrics.  That reminds Leo of a quotation of P T Barnham's, "This way to the egress."

Fireworks No More?

After Dick and Leo talked about Dick's eccentric way of watching the 4th of July Fireworks (Episode 605), Mike Gunn (from Episode 315) wrote to make the observation that Dick won't be able to carry on his old way much longer, as portable TVs don't support digital TV, yet.  Dick suggests that the Grucci family should start doing water-level fireworks.

Leo's First Job ...

... was at McDonald's.  He worked his way up from the cash counter,  to milk shakes upstairs, to French Fries, and then to the grill.

Curly Fries and a Medium Coffee

Dick went into Burger King and asked for Curly Fries.  No such thing.  Leo went into Starbucks and asked for a Medium-size coffee.  No such thing.  It's Spiral Fries and Americano Grande.

Dueling Narrators

Audible's new sponsorship of the Daily Giz Wiz starts again today.  Support Dick, go to www.audible.com/gizwiz and subscribe.  You can also select versions of the same book by dueling narrators.

Someone Made A Video

In Episode 606, Dick said someone had made a video with all the jingles back-to-back and a selection of pictures of past gadgets.  That someone wrote to Dick, "That someone would be me."  Signed InsideDGW.

You can watch the video at the blog post for Episode 600, or follow this link: snipurl.com/600video.

The video is 3 minutes 54 seconds long, although that's not the length of all the jingles and themes combined.  Only an extract of the Spork Commercial was used, and the video was made before Dan Lueders's Thursday Theme and Disclaimer were aired.

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