Daily Giz Wiz 612: Canopus ADVC110

Episode 612 of the podcast

Canopus ADVC110
Subject: Review of Canopus ADVC110
Released:Tuesday 15 July 2008
Length:about 15 minutes
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Short info

Convert video from any camera or playback device to a Mac or Windows machine via FireWire with the Canopus ADVC110.

Detailed information

Thomson Grass Valley makes high end broadcast, TV and film equipment.  The Canopus ADVC (standing for Advanced Digital Video Converter) line has a wide range of models, and the ADVC 110 is near the low end.  It is essentially a video converter (analogue to digital, digital to analogue).  Its most useful function would be to convert analogue video (such as VHS, accepting S-Video and Composite inputs) into DV which can then be processed on your computer via a firewire connection using your favourite software (for editing, authoring or DVD burning).  It also does audio-only conversion.

Built into the ADVC 110 is a Canopus DV Codec chip which preserves the video quality, and most importantly keeps the audio and video in sync (which is often a very tricky issue with other capture devices).  It works with Windows and Mac OSX, no drivers required.

Leo mentions that the ADVC 110 does not overcome Macrovision copy protection.  Apparently however there is a way to overcome that, reported by users.  After it powers up, press down the Input Select button for 20 seconds, and the unit will ignore Macrovision.

A Cure for Homesickness

Listener Paul Johnson had to move far away from home to Edmonton for his work.  He got homesick until Monday came and he was able to listen to DGW, with Dick and Leo discussing Twitter, the Petaluma parade, the temperature on some ridiculous scale, the familiar Jingle Singers, and even a bit of gadgetry when they remembered to do so.  It took him right back home again.

Paul Johnson also congratulates Leo for his recent performance of "O Canada" in French on net@night Episode 59.

PDFs on the Amazon Kindle

Paul also asks Leo how scientific figures, graphs and images in PDF form fare on the Kindle (Episode 472).  Leo explains.

Belated Happy Birthday to Paul as well on 14 July.

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