Daily Giz Wiz 621: Gorgonz Work Hat

Episode 621 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Gorgonz Work Hat
Released:Monday 28 July 2008
Length:about 17 minutes
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Short info

Keep cool all summer with the Hyrdoweave-enabled Gorgonz Work Hat.

Detailed information

The Gorgonz Work Hat has an outer shell made of rain-resistant nylon.  The layer next to the skin is made of 100% Polyester called Coolmax which pulls sweat from your head.  But the main difference with other baseball caps is its middle layer of insulation called "Hydroweave", made of 50% Polyester and 50% Polymer Fibre.  When dry, this layer keeps your head warm.  In hot weather, you soak up the middle layer with cool water, and the water together with its evaporation pulls heat from your head and keeps it cool.  When the water has dried up, just soak up the hat with more water to keep you cool.  2 colours to choose from: khaki and navy.

For another cooling cap, see the Solar Cool Cap (Episode 325).

Podcast Expo
Leo will be going to the Podcast Expo in Las Vegas again this year.  Dick recommends the Gorgonz Work Hat to Leo for the hot weather in Vegas, and Rick, the Vegas Cabbie (see Episode 492).  No awards for the TWiT network this year, because Leo forgot to get DGW nominated.

Water Skiing with the AutoTether

Gerard Wise suggests another application for the AutoTether (Episode 614).  Put the boat on autopilot and water-ski behind it wearing the AutoTether.  Just let go to stop the boat.

The Mama Laporte Podcast

Leo's mother may well be joining the TWiT network with another podcast.  She just needs to decide what she wants to talk about: cooking, gardening, knitting.

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