Daily Giz Wiz 622: Sprint Instinct

Episode 622 of the podcast

Sprint Instinct
Subject: Review of Sprint Instinct
Released:Tuesday 29 July 2008
Length:about 16 minutes
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Short info

The Sprint Instinct phone, with GPS turn-by-turn, TV, voice dialing, and haptic response.

Detailed information

Sprint doesn't have the iPhone but it offers the Samsung Instinct, another touchscreen smartphone.  Features include turn-by-turn GPS, live TV on Sprint's fast and extensive 3G coverage, voice dialing, java applications and haptic response on the touch screen.  Comes with a 2GB microSD card for storage.

No Letters from Leo

Leo again doesn't have a letter to read, and invites letters from listeners again.  What good is that if Leo doesn't read his emails?

Phone Rental

Kerry Lutz writes in again to report a story from the San Francisco Chronicle from a couple of years ago about a widow who had been renting a rotary phone for 42 years.  She spent about $14,000 over the years just for the rental.  Dick suggests we all check our parents' phone bill.

Exorbitant Rates

Leo uses a business calling card when he travels, and learns a hard lesson.  He's been charged operator-assisted call rates for his calls to Roz Savage's satellite phone (3 times a week), about $10 a minute and $400 a show.

More Exorbitant Rates

A guest of a tenant of a unit in Dick's building was locked out of the apartment, called a locksmith in, and was charged $666 for the service.

More GizWizBiz Gadgets

Dick has sold out his GizWizBiz Caps, but has more merchandise on offer, which he self-deprecatingly calls Giz Wiz Garbage.  These include the Clip Hanger (see Episode 549), the folding LED lighted ball pen, and the LED Ice Cube.

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