Daily Giz Wiz 623: Cool Hut

Episode 623 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Cool Hut
Released:Wednesday 30 July 2008
Length:about 14 minutes
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Short info

Go anywhere this summer with the Cool Hut backpack system that includes a cooler, shade, chairs, music and more.

Detailed information

Dick saw this gadget at the Marine Aftermarket Trade Show at Las Vegas.  The CoolHut is the equivalent of the Swiss Army Knife for a backpack.  Ideal for the beach or camping.  It has a cooler with a 24-can capacity, a tray for sandwiches, ....

... , a waterproof awning big enough to shade the "ground lounge" of 50 sq. ft . area with UV protection, complete with 2 lounge chairs, and an amplifier and speakers for the iPod.  A higher model, called the CoolerHut, includes Inflatable cushions.

Following the Party Line

Floss Weekly co-host, DGW fan and regular correspondent Randal Schwartz has a story to tell about a "party line" (Episode 614).  Alex, a friend of his, lived in a house in the late 70's with a party line.  Alex loved playing online games on his 300-baud modem connection, and had to wait until the line was free.  One day, Randal and Alex wanted to play a game and picked up the phone to check the line.  They overheard a neighbour say, when asked if they could be overheard on a party line, that all you could hear when the line was engaged, was a series of clicks - the classic noise of Alex's modem.

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