Daily Giz Wiz 625: The Periscope

Episode 625 of the podcast

Subject: Review of The Periscope
Released:Friday 1 August 2008
Length:about 17 minutes
Download file:dgw0625.mp3 (7.6 MB)

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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse: The Periscope

Detailed information

The Periscope Light from Dick's Gadget Warehouse was a leather bookcover.  Built into the bookcover was a book light that extended out from the binder with an adjustable arm.

The company is still going strong and modern versions, with LED lights, are widely available.  There is a version for paperbacks, a version for hardcovers, and even one for portfolios, called the Lighted Portfolio.

A Letter Re-Read

Dick re-reads the letter from Michael Richardson (from Episode 620), about the WTHII game show that already existed, called the Liar's Club.

Strange Noises Abound

Leo's computer starts making strange noises, and Dick chips in with his WWF Microphone (Episode 390).

Giz Wiz Garbage

Check out Dick's new GizWizBiz gadgets, the Ice Cube, the Cliphanger and the LED folding pen, at GizWizGarbage.

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