Daily Giz Wiz 636: Dress for Dinner Napkin

Episode 636 of the podcast

Dress for Dinner Napkin
Subject: Review of Dress for Dinner Napkin
Released:Monday 18 August 2008
Length:about 24 minutes
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Short info

Look great for dinner while keeping your food off your t-shirt with the Dress for Dinner Napkin.

Detailed information

A napkin available at Spoon Sisters with a tie printed on it.  Four designs to choose from.  As Leo suggests, it might go with your tuxedo T-shirt.

For a much earlier implementation of the same idea, by Al Jaffee for Bill Gaines, listen to a Mad story told by Dick in Episode 21.

The Few, The Proud, the Depressed

Leo's wife Jennifer doesn't like the slogan "The worse your life is, the better we sound".  She doesn't understand that the Daily Giz Wiz is made for the few, the proud, the depressed.

For the origin of the slogan, listen to the last few minutes of Episode 391, the letters section.

At Two With Nature

During his summer break at the Gray Eagle Lodge at 6,000 feet altitude, there were no internet access, no cellphone access, no subway, no buses, no Starbucks, and what's more, no oxygen, which gives Leo a headache.  There were board games with missing pieces, and crushed ping pong balls.  A great holiday then.

Dane in New York

Dane Golden visited Dick in New York and was given a tour of the Mad Office.  He also treated Dick and his friend Dennis to lunch which Leo kindly offered to pay with the TWiT credit card (Visa of course), with a cap of $20 for 3.

Sucker City

Mad did a spoof of a Circuit City ad and called it Sucker City.  An employee at Circuit City did not like the parody and decided to pull Mad off the shelves at some of the outlets.  The PR found out about the bruhaha and wrote an interesting letter of apology to Mad, offering a Powerpoint presentation of at least 300 pages and a Circuit City gift card of $20 towards the purchase of a Nintendo Wii, if Mad could find one.  The letter is reproduced on Dick's home page.

For some interesting reactions by people or names who have been spoofed by Mad, see Episode 74 and Episode 426.

Making Noises

Randal Schwartz's story of party lines and modems (Episode 623) has prompted a letter from a New Zealand listener David McLoughlin, who drew our attention to a 56K Modem Emulator at LazyLaces.com.  If you miss that familiar dialing tone, you can click "Connect" on that page to listen to it again.

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