Daily Giz Wiz 637: AppleCore's aTV

Episode 637 of the podcast

AppleCore's aTV
Subject: Review of AppleCore's aTV
Released:Tuesday 19 August 2008
Length:about 22 minutes
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Short info

Trick out your Apple TV with AppleCore's aTV Flash.

Detailed information

AppleCore's aTV Flash is a software upgrade for the Apple TV (Episode 152), which does not void the warranty for the Apple TV.  It's a collection of Open Source hacks for the Apple TV.  You reformat your Apple TV, put the software on your own USB flash drive, plug it to the back, reboot it, and you get added capabilities for the Apple TV, including playing various media formats which Apple TV cannot, and plugging in your own external USB hard drive.

You can also do it yourself for free, with Patchstick.

An Unbiased Comment

Leo has a letter to read, c/o Dick.  An employee of Shoes.com A J Fuller is peeked that Leo has mentioned Zappos.com for getting shoes, but has never mentioned Shoes.com.

Under the Desk

Dick recently learned that Charlie Chaplin in the silent film Modern Times operated all the devices and gadgetry under the table all by himself, which reminds him of Leo.  It's all under the desk, including Leo's TTTT gadgets.

More on the PurseGuard

Check up on the latest sales figures of the PurseGuard Ultra (Episode 406), and learn again about Dick's Piloti shoes (and the spelling) and speed laces.  Dick wears the Spyder SV.  Leo wonders if the Piloti shoes will fit, as he has feet like pancakes.

A Refund for Leo

Leo has made enough noises about his unfortunate incident with PayPal to enable him to get a refund, finally.

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