Daily Giz Wiz 640: The Yes Man Doll

Episode 640 of the podcast

The Yes Man Doll
Subject: Review of The Yes Man Doll
Released:Friday 22 August 2008
Length:about 28 minutes
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From the Gadget Warehouse: The Yes Man Doll.

Detailed information

If you need a bit of reassurance and affirmation in your life, the Yes Man talking doll would be perfect for you.  Ask the Yes Man a question, and it would give you one of 8 affirmative, back-patting answers.  You could also record your own answers.  It also appeared on the Disney movie "My Favorite Martian".  The Yes Man was from about 15 years ago, and the company Rau Creations is still in business.

It certainly sounds better than Squawkers McCaw (Episode 413), but it can't beat Real Talkin' Bubba (Episode 246).

Multiplying Rabbits

Karl from Phoenix, Arizona wants to know if Dick has in the Gadget Warehouse the Rabbit Video Multiplier (made by Gemini Industries), which was a VCR receiver-transmitter, that allowed you to watch a video in any room in the house from one VCR .  Karl's version was a wired one.  Dick once had the wireless version.  A current version of the Rabbit seems to be available still, and there are other choices, including the Wavecom Junior, and Belkin's Pure AV Remote TV (Episode 57).

Calvin and Jobs

Mad's current issue has a spoof comic strip called Calvin and Jobs (being Steve Jobs), based on the much-loved Calvin and Hobbes.  Someone has scanned it and posted it on Flickr.  Dick was annoyed that no credit was given to the original artists, and he meant Mad writer Jacob Lambert and artist Gary Hallgren, not the original original artist Bill Watterson.

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