Daily Giz Wiz 642: CC Witness Audio Player

Episode 642 of the podcast

CC Witness Audio Player
Subject: Review of CC Witness Audio Player
Released:Tuesday 26 August 2008
Length:about 14 minutes
Download file:dgw0642.mp3 (6.2 MB)

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Short info

Record AM or FM radio shows or listen to MP3s with the CC Witness.

Detailed information

The iPods have no built-in radios.  Many other MP3 Players support FM, but one that supports AM Radio is rare.  There used to be the Pogo Radio Your Way, which Leo and Ron Rosberg talked about on The Tech Guy (but never on DGW), but it was discontinued after Apple threatened proceedings because Apple claimed it looked too much like an iPod.

Now Bob Crane (who also sells LED lights, see Episode 277), who is a radio lover, has made the CC Witness audio player.  It plays mp3 and wma files, and has an AM/FM radio, with presets, and you can record radio programmes with it.  A built-in microphone enables voice recording as well.  2GB capacity with an SD card slot.  USB interface.  A docking kit with the player is also available.

If you wonder why Bob Crane's website or company is called C Crane (as Dick did back in Episode 277), it's because his name is Robert C. Crane.

Online Shopping

Richard Wilson ordered online a Sony Bravia TV, but it never came.  Fortunately he ordered it using his Visa, and he was credited with the defrauded amount.  Safe and secure.  Just like the commercial.

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