Daily Giz Wiz 646: Flexii USB 2.0 Optical Mouse with Fan

Episode 646 of the podcast

Flexii USB 2.0 Optical Mouse with Fan
Subject: Review of Flexii USB 2.0 Optical Mouse with Fan
Released:Monday 1 September 2008
Length:about 18 minutes
Download file:dgw0646.mp3 (8.4 MB)

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Short info

Cool Hand Luke couldn't have his name without the Flexii USB 2.0 Optical Mouse with Fan.

Detailed information

A USB optical mouse, from Flexii, available at vavolo.com, with 800 dpi resolution.  The difference is it has a built in fan.  Ideal for people with sweaty palms.  Vavolo sells other fun stuff.  Check out their USB Gadgets.

Labour Day Weekend

Fingers crossed, Leo might be celebrating the end of the Roz Savage's first leg of her trans-pacific rowing voyage, when it is hoped she will be landing in Hawaii.


The doorbell rang again for Dick, and it's another gadget delivery.  It's a boating gadget (a Casio watch) which Dick might review on DGW.

Muncie and Laporte

Chris Hileman, who did the original design for the TWiTLive website, has noted that Leo keeps suggesting that things he has lost are in Muncie.  Chris is from Muncie, Indiana, and has looked all over town, and there's absolutely nothing there, just like Petaluma.  He suggests Leo look in Laporte, Indiana.  Leo's father did a tour over the country of Laporte towns, and he thinks that there is a Laporte town in most states of the USA.

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