Daily Giz Wiz 650: Mister Microphone

Episode 650 of the podcast

Mister Microphone
Subject: Review of Mister Microphone
Released:Friday 5 September 2008
Length:about 19 minutes
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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse: Mr. Microphone.

Detailed information

A recent report on Engadget reminded Dick of this device, from the late 1970's.  Developed by Ronco (Ron Popeil), Mr Microphone was a wireless microphone and you could use it to broadcast using FM frequency.  To see how it worked and what it did, you can watch the TV commercial on YouTube; or just read this ad discovered by the author of the wonderfulwonderblog on the back of an old CD.

The report on Engadget was of a hack by kipkay who took the device apart and put in a high end mic into the gut.  The main photo of above of Mr Microphone is taken from the video kipkay made of the hack.

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DGW Commercials

Paul Newell from Yucaipa, California, in response to the letters of complaint in Episode 641, writes in to support commercials on DGW.

Cheesy Recipes

Talk of commercials reminds Dick of the awful recipes in the Kraft commercials, voiced-over by Ed Herlihy, and Leo drifts into the lyrics of MacArthur Park.

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