Daily Giz Wiz 652: Plantronics Game Com Pro 1 PC Gaming Headset

Episode 652 of the podcast

Plantronics Game Com Pro 1 PC Gaming Headset
Subject: Review of Plantronics Game Com Pro 1 PC Gaming Headset
Released:Tuesday 9 September 2008
Length:about 17 minutes
Download file:dgw0652.mp3 (7.7 MB)

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Keep in touch with friends and family via Skype with the Plantronics GameCom1 PC Gaming Headset.

Detailed information


Abby is gone to France for 9 months on the programme School Year Abroad, and Leo plans to keep in touch with her on Skype.  Before she left, Leo gave her a new USB headset from Plantronics - the GameCom Pro 1.  Noise cancellation microphone, maximum bass.  Good for gaming, music, and of course Skype and other VOIP applications.  This is also the headset Leo sent Steve Wozniak for the iPhone coverage.

Hope Springs Eternal

So Abby is all hooked up with her MacBook, Plantronics USB Headset, and even a Flip Mino camcorder.  Now all it takes to complete Leo's plan is for Abby to call home ... Yeah, right.  Not to worry, Leo need only wait until Christmas to speak to Abby, when he will be visiting France, or as Dick says, Gay Paris (which sounds on the podcast dangerously close to Gay Party).

Do not confuse it with the GameCom 1 - which is not USB, and connects to the computer via 3.5mm jacks via the sound card.

Completely Mad

Matt Pokky from Akron, Ohio, was at his mum's house, and spotted a book called Completely Mad, by Maria Reidelbach, published in 1991.  It's more on the general history on Mad, while Dick's Good Days And Mad has a lot on Bill Gaines, and of course Dick's experiences with Mad.

Digital TV

Matt also suggests people going to dtv.gov to get their coupons (22.5 million available) for digital converter boxes.

A New Car For Jennifer?

Jennifer's birthday is coming up, and to cheer her up, Leo is thinking buying her a new car, a Prius.  Like the Canon EOS-5D that Leo gave Jennifer, guess who will end up using it?

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