Daily Giz Wiz 660: Easy Hang Up

Episode 660 of the podcast

Easy Hang Up
Subject: Review of Easy Hang Up
Released:Friday 19 September 2008
Length:about 17 minutes
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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse: Easy Hang Up.

Detailed information

Easy Hang Up sat between your phone and the wall phone socket.  If it was a telemarketer calling, you would press a button to hang up, and Easy Hang Up would play a pre-recorded message to the caller, indicating that you would not take this type of call and asking the telemarketer to take your number off their list.

Dick's Favourite DGW Episodes

Dick remembers 2 very funny episodes.  The Purseguard Ultra (Episode 406), which Leo scoffs at, and the Talking Photo Album (Episode 463), which Leo simply doesn't get.

The Churro Ad

Dick and Leo have a discussion on the new Microsoft ad, featuring lots of Churros and guest starring Bill Gates and Seinfeld.  Dick says for those who don't get it, it's really a Mad commercial.

Leo Plays the Wrong Theme Theme

Chad Fosmire has an idea for another theme for DGW.  Leo kept playing the wrong jingles in Episode 648 (which was a Wednesday show), and Chad thinks that someone should make a Leo Plays the Wrong Theme Theme.  Meanwhile, he continues to tolerate the show.

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