Daily Giz Wiz 661: Cordzilla

Episode 661 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Cordzilla
Released:Monday 22 September 2008
Length:about 21 minutes
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Short info

Strap items to your roof rack, truck bed, or boat trailer with the stretch rope Cordzilla.

Detailed information

The latest addition to Lehigh Group's SecureLine range of products, Cordzilla is a "stretch rope" and features a bungee cord encased in a polypropylene rope.  The steel hooks at both ends are vinyl coated to prevent scratching, while the security clip is made of anodised aluminium to prevent rusting.  Two sliding plastic sleeves protect the surface of our possessions round which the Cordzilla needs to wrap itself.  Rated at a safe working load of 400 pounds, Cordzilla is the Godzilla of bungee ropes.  Available in 3, 4 and 5 feet models.  The 5 feet model, e.g. can stretch to 9 feet.  On sale at Wal-Mart.

Dick suggests Leo and Dane make a show of jumping off the roof with the Cordzilla.  The Chatroom suggests jumping into a dung tank.  With piranhas, Dick adds.

Leo at the NAB Radio Show

Leo was in Austin, Texas last week attending the NAB Radio Show, giving a speech entitled "Radio's Survival Plan in the Digital Space", and attending a panel called "60 Digital Ideas in 60 Minutes", and generally talking about the future of radio.  "Is there any?" asks Dick.  "No," answers Leo, and that's what he told the NAB broadcasters - that is, if they don't start doing a blog, making a video log, twittering and creating a Facebook profile for themselves, i.e. doing what Leo's doing.  You can get a summary of what's been happening at the NAB Radio show at Jacobs Media's blog.

Offering a Ride

Marilyn and Daryl Holmquist from San Francisco, who last wrote about the creator of Rice-A-Roni in Episode 440, write in again.  Leo was talking about buying a Prius in Episode 652, but Daryl can easily top that, with the Tesler which he has ordered, due to arrive in May or June next year, when he can take Dick for a ride.

The Smart Car

But Leo is more taken with the idea of getting The Smart Car, which has arrived in the US.  Tiny and cute, just under 9 feet long, and only $99 to reserve.

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