Daily Giz Wiz 670: GFX-100 Indoor Dish Antenna

Episode 670 of the podcast

GFX-100 Indoor Dish Antenna
Subject: Review of GFX-100 Indoor Dish Antenna
Released:Friday 3 October 2008
Length:about 13 minutes
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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse: The GFX-100 Indoor Antenna captures signals right out of the air.

Detailed information

From about 1990, the GFX-100 Indoor Antenna distinguished itself by its advertisement.  "No cable fees because you're not getting cable."  "No sateliite fees because you're not using satellite technolgy."  "Works indoors like ordinary rabbit ears."  "Captures signals right out of the air!"  Absolutely telling the truth - it was just an ordinary rabbit-ears antenna.

The ad would have belonged with the best of Mad Magazine spoof ads, had it been satire.  As it was, the GFX-100 belonged with the Electron Echo Mini Piano (Episode 465), the Bluebird AX2 Sewing Machine (Episode 455), and the miniature mirrors which Dick frequently referred to (in Episodes 13, 215, 248, 552) .  "Marketing Breakthroughs".

The Zenith of Easy Hang-Up

Wally Holloway from Lexington, Kentucky writes to tell Dick that Easy Hang-Up (Episode 660) was also made by Zenith who made the Zenith EZ Hang-Up (actually it was licensed by Phonex, the original maker, to Zenith).  He agrees that it was a bit of pain to have to rush to the device where it was connected to the line, to push the button.  He solved the problem by hacking into a music-on-hold device from Radio Shack, and he could set off the message by pressing any key on the phone itself.  The only problem was, he couldn't use the number pad for other purposes at all (such as accessing his voice mail).  Not to be defeated, he got a remote control Christmas lights switch to disable the power for the EZ Hang-Up so he could use the number pad for his voice mail, when necessary.

Wally Holloway truly made it to the zenith of not-so-EZ Hang-Up, but obviously he enjoyed all the hacking.

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