Daily Giz Wiz 672: iPhone Battery Backup

Episode 672 of the podcast

iPhone Battery Backup
Subject: Review of iPhone Battery Backup
Released:Tuesday 7 October 2008
Length:about 17 minutes
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Listen to TWiT.am and use other great apps even longer with the iPhone Battery Backup.

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Today's TTTT is better than usual, because Dick is supplying the gadget.  Leo has a euphemism for it - defensive programming by Dick.  From RichardSolo, the website of Richard Thalheimer (who founded Sharper Image, the geek gadgets stores - first mentioned by Dick back in Episode 15), it is an extra Lithium-ion rechargeable battery for the iPhone.  This little battery has about 85% of the iPhone's battery capacity, and you can recharge it via USB, or using the wall unit (with the USB cable connected).  You can have the battery connected to the iPhone and charge both the phone and battery at the same time.

Because the battery has a standard iPod connector, it works with all iPods as well, in addition to the iPhone.  By the way, in Richard Thalheimer's video demo, he calls himself TAL-high-mer.

A Website A Day ...

... keeps the theme withdrawal symptoms away.  Daniel Rodrigues Parreira has set up a website for each day of the week, which plays the DGW theme of the day.  So the websites are MondayTheme, TuesdayTheme, WednesdayTheme, ThursdayTheme, FridayTheme, SaturdayTheme, and SundayTheme (just add .com).  What a great idea!

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