Daily Giz Wiz 673: Audio Bone

Episode 673 of the podcast

Audio Bone
Subject: Review of Audio Bone
Released:Wednesday 8 October 2008
Length:about 15 minutes
Download file:dgw0673.mp3 (6.7 MB)

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Short info

Listen to audio without blocking out external sounds with Audio Bone headphones.

Detailed information

Audio Bone is a set of wired stereo headphones that sit over the ears and round the back of the head.  The sound waves are transmitted through your bones into the inner ears.  They're waterproof and work even under water.  Audio quality is not great, and you do need to turn up the volume.  For people who don't like buds in their ears, or have to listen to sounds in the environment.

For other implementations (though at a more basic level) of the same idea, see the Hasbro Tooth Tunes (Episode 429) and the March '07 WTHII gadget Sound Bites (Episode 281).

First Fan Mail

At the age of 69, Bill Quinlan writes his first piece of fan mail, and it's to Dick and Leo.  Bill is completely hooked and listens to it on his 3-mile walk each night.  It's dark and no one can see him laughing hysterically during his walk.  His wife still uses the VCR Co-Pilot (Episode 665).  He recently revisited Episode 182 (having received his order of the Titanium Spork from Think Geek to replace the Tony the Tiger Spoon), and Episode 590, the Palm Pilot (and he's using the latest Palm device the Palm TX).

The Psion 3a Series

Mention of Palm again excites wistful memories of the Palm Lifedrive and Psion 3a which Leo loved.  If only it had calendar and address book synchronisation, which Palm did introduce.

Meanwhile, Leo is waiting for something which reminds him of the Psion andwhich he will review for us.  Before Leo can tell us what it is, he's sidetracked and forgets about it.  Probably the first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1, which Leo will get from Google and has ordered.

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