Daily Giz Wiz 680: Totes Razor

Episode 680 of the podcast

Totes Razor
Subject: Review of Totes Razor
Released:Friday 17 October 2008
Length:about 19 minutes
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From the Gadget Warehouse: Totes Razor.

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Today's gadget is also the What The Heck Is It gadget for September '08, which no one cracked, not even WTHII aficionado "Marked".  Made by Totes, maker of umbrellas, the Pocket Shave had a cap that unscrewed to reveal a razor that flipped up and out, and inside the cylinder was compressed shaving cream released by pressing a white button.  It was the size of a fat pen, and the cap even had a clip for your pocket.  A perfect travelling companion.  No sign of it now, but you can find an article on the New York Times still archived on their website.

A Poem for Dick's Gadget Warehouse

Ed Hansen from Rexton, Canada, long-time listener since Episode 1 (see his letter in Episode 204), has been inspired by the suggested name for Dick's mansion, "Wizneyland", to compose an opening poem for the Gadget Warehouse:

Come with me now to a place
That moves at a much slower pace
To see gadgets that time has forgot
Gadgets that weren't all that hot
And you may or may not see a mouse
At the Wizneyland Gadget Warehouse

Wait For Dick

The phone rings for Dick, and Leo can't wait to play the Wait-for-Dick Jingle.

Parting With Junk

As may be expected, Dick is a real hoarder and has difficulty throwing out junk.  He tried disposing of the Atari Video Music (Episode 85), still in its sealed box, but in the end retrieved it from the trash bin.  Hence the Gadget Warehouse, where in some dark corner, there ought to be, in a little Kodak film canister, a bit of Bill Gaines, which Dick has yet to rediscover.  But Dick has unearthed an old Mad box with more original Match Game Cards from 1974 and 1975.  For more details, go to matchgamequestions.com.

Dick once even went to an Anti-Clutter Class.  You can hear the story in Episode 94.

Breaking Down Barriers

Tony Colonello, aka Kwai Nor or Kwai Naawy (little water buffalo) to his Thai wife, has been prompted by Episode 671 (the Mio Knight Rider GPS) to write about his own GPS.  The TomTom GO 720T not only has voice directions in Thai, but also can record any voice so that his wife can now nag him about his driving even when she's not in the car.

In support of the Daily Giz Wiz, he is now an Audible subscriber.  Being an Amazon Kindle (Episode 472) owner, he's got his wife to listen to Audible books on the Kindle, so she can learn English at the same time, breaking down cultural and language barriers.

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