Daily Giz Wiz 687: Kingston 32GB SD Card

Episode 687 of the podcast

Kingston 32GB SD Card
Subject: Review of Kingston 32GB SD Card
Released:Tuesday 28 October 2008
Length:about 31 minutes
Download file:dgw0687.mp3 (14.1 MB)

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Short info

Shoot a whole photo safari with just one high-capacity Kingston 32GB SD Card.

Detailed information

Kingston has now made a 32GB version of their Elite Pro SDHC card, the highest capacity so far of SD cards, and Dick has asked a sample to be sent Leo's way.  It's a Class 6 SD card, with a minimum data transfer rate of 6MB/s.  Leo can now use it on his Panasonic HDC SD5 Camcorder (Episode 407) and his new Panasonic Lumix LX3 (which he has bought for Jennifer and which Leo may talk about on another TTTT), or as the equilvalent of an external drive by in combination with his Kingston Data Traveler SD Card Reader (see an example in Episode 353), or on his new MacBook Pro with a Belkin ExpressCard Card Reader, both of which can read SDHC cards.

Happy Birthday on the Manhattan

Dick celebrated his birthday on 19 October on the Luxury Yacht Manhattan on the Classic Habor Line with his friends.

Mad Auction

Steve Miller writes again, this time about the upcoming Mad auction at Heritage Comics Auction, the subject of an article on MSN.  It will be held tomorrow, and the artwork for the original covers (including Alfred E Neuman's first cover, by Norman Mingo in 1956) will be auctioned off.

Dick's Beloved Mad

Dick's favourite Mad issue was the one with a spoof of Poseidon Adventure on its cover, also Mad's best selling issue ever (see Episode 282).  The original artwork was auctioned off, and Dick did not bid, thinking it was beyond his means.  Annie Gaines bought it and it is now on loan to Dick for life.

Testamentary Wishes

Dick may not realise this, but he is fairly consistent with his "testamentary wishes".  See Episode 235 (Sea Urn) for Dick's previous hilarious expression of his testamentary wishes, and Episode 135.  He wants a death theme for himself.

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