Daily Giz Wiz 692: Gunnar Computer Glasses

Episode 692 of the podcast

Gunnar Computer Glasses
Subject: Review of Gunnar Computer Glasses
Released:Tuesday 4 November 2008
Length:about 20 minutes
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Short info

Save your eyes with the anti-glare Gunnar Computer Glasses.

Detailed information

Staring at the computer screen all day gives you tremendous eye-strain, which can result in DEF (digital eye fatigue) or even CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome).  Gunnar Optiks makes computer glasses using their i-AMP technology which slightly magnifies the image and, with a yellow tint coating, filters out the glare and surrounding reflective light to reduce strain on the eyes.  Different styles of frames and colours available.

Leo invites Dr Mark Sukoenig, also known as Dr Mark (as Dick and Leo can never pronounce the name right, see Episode 551), an optometrist and long-time DGW listener, for his views on these glasses.

Election Day

A public service announcement from Leo for American listeners.  Vote today.  Both Dick and Leo have already put in their absentee ballots.  Dick is right now in Florida at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.  And vote yes to Proposition 110 which will make listening to DGW mandatory.

Tax Return Disability

Dick couldn't help breaking into laughter when he read about the man in the New York State Government who has failed to file a tax return for quite a few years.  He suffers from a disease which prevents him from filling out tax returns.  Don't we all?  Give unto Sid Caesar what is due to Caesar ...

That Loud-Mouth

Steve Leth, born on Staten Island and hailing from South Jersey writes: Maybe the Konica KANPA! (Episode 685) didn't take off because the camera just kept taking pictures of the one loud-mouthed guy at the party, or the lady with the ear-splitting laugh.  Steve has been listening since Episode 1, and thinks it is great to have a podcast made by and for those who are perpetually distracted by something shiny, just as Dick is interminably drawn to that blinking LED light.

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