Daily Giz Wiz 695: Cobra Traveler

Episode 695 of the podcast

Cobra Traveler
Subject: Review of Cobra Traveler
Released:Friday 7 November 2008
Length:about 16 minutes
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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse: The Cobra Traveler.

Detailed information

From 1991, Cobra, which makes radar detectors and CB radio, produced the Traveler, a battery-operated portable answering machine.  Back in those days, hotels didn't offer voice mail.  You would connect the Traveler to the phone jack in the hotel room, and it would operate as an answering machine in the normal way.  It also came with an AC adapter.

Like the Kodak Disc Camera from last Friday (Episode 690), the Traveler was also a "product to watch", thought Fortune Magazine, in February 1991.

Atari Video Music, Sold

Dick sold something from the Gadget Warehouse to a listener, his 2nd copy of the Atari Video Music (Episode 85), still in the box.  We've heard that Steve Gibson of Security Now! bought a whole lot of Palms and put them in the freezer.  Dick says that when Bill Gaines found a pair of shoes he liked, he would get 10 pairs of them.

Another Title for Dick

Austin from Plymouth, England thinks that Dick, especially on Fridays, should be called "The Wizard of Was".  The rest of the week, Dick is just the Giz Wiz at Wizneyland.

Off the Air

Leo has an "On The Air" sign, but he never uses it because he's always on the air.  He needs an "Off The Air" sign.

Mad Cocktail

Dick is off to the cocktail party for the Heritage Comics auction for Mad Covers (Episode 687).  He hopes there is no cover charge, ha ha, from ha.com!

Making Hay

Dane Golden has been making hay while the sun is still shining.  His retirement plan is hey.com.

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