Daily Giz Wiz 702: TomTom One XL

Episode 702 of the podcast

TomTom One XL
Subject: Review of TomTom One XL
Released:Tuesday 18 November 2008
Length:about 24 minutes
Download file:dgw0702.mp3 (11 MB)

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Short info

Get where you're going with the affordable, custom voice TomTom One XL.

Detailed information

A portable and very affordable version of TomTom''s GPS devices, the TomTom One 3rd Ediition has a 3.5" touchscreen LCD display, 1GB internal memory, lithium ion battery, and what Leo likes best is the offer of downloadable voices, including the Samantha voice, Dennis Hopper, Mr T, and user-created voices (like Glados of the Portal video game) - some of which have to be paid for.

The TomTom One 3rd edition also comes with a windscreen holder, a car charger and a USB cable.

From the Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration at the Uganda University

Leo wants to include Dick in this business proposal from the Dean, Joseph Owor.  For Dick's share of email scams, see Episode 525.

And now, a Real Letter

Bill Burgar from the UK uses a DGW theme to create a playlist for every day of the week, and uses the playlist as his "alarm clock".  Sometimes Bill has to catch up with the DGW shows, and has listened to 16 in a row.  Not recommended for keeping your sanity.

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