Daily Giz Wiz 705: AR Dolby Surround Headphones

Episode 705 of the podcast

AR Dolby Surround Headphones
Subject: Review of AR Dolby Surround Headphones
Released:Friday 21 November 2008
Length:about 16 minutes
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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse: AR Dolby Surround Headphones.

Detailed information

Back in CES 2002, Acoustic Research introduced the first Wireless Dolby Surround Sound Headphones, for movies enjoyment.  The Model AW791 used the 900MHz frequency for wireless transmission between the Base Station (wireless transmitter) and the Headphones.  Inside the headphones was a Dolby Digital Processor, the same you would find in your Dolby receiver or amplifier.

The Base Station was AC powered, had connections for RCA jacks and optical cable input (optical cable with Toslink connectors provided), an Input Select switch to choose your audio input, and a choice of 3 channels for wireless transmission to avoid interference.  The headphones themselves were powered by Nickel Metal Hydride batteries, which recharged themselves automatically when docked on the Base Station.

At the time, Acoustic Research was part of Recoton.  Now it's part of Audiovox.

Although the product is only about 7 years old, it is ancient in terms of gadget years.  See Episodes 120 and 420 for Dick and Leo's discussion on "gadget years".

Dolby Surround Sound Headphones Demo

For a demo of this type of headphones that Leo mention on the show, check out MacBreak Weekly Episode 23, the post-iPhone announcement episode in which people got a bit high with the iPhone and more.

Ventriloquist Johnson

The ventriloquist in The Two And Only whom Dick mentions is Jay Johnson.

Slimming Down with DGW

Aussie Mike, who met with Leo and his gang at the Sydney Airport on Leo's photography trip to Tasmania (see Episode 539), had some health problem which required him to slim down.  He started his exercise with walking while listening to DGW, and that was all he could manage in the beginning.  Gradually, he added other TWiT podcasts to his walk.  He has lost a total of 40kg (88 pounds).  A good TWiT diet.

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