Daily Giz Wiz 709: E2 Lithium Flashlight

Episode 709 of the podcast

E2 Lithium Flashlight
Subject: Review of E2 Lithium Flashlight
Released:Thursday 27 November 2008
Length:about 20 minutes
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Short info

New from Energizer, the E2 Lithium flashlight with built-in dimmer...

Detailed information

LED Flashlight with e² Batteries

These are new flashlights from Energizer, with Aluminium Alloy bodies and LED bulbs, using Energizer's new Lithium Batteries which are supposed to have a shelf life of 15 years.  Three models to choose from.  Dick's model is the ELMCL42L, which is capable of up to 90 lumens and uses 4 AAA batteries.

The end caps are dimmers which reduce the brightness of the bulbs - the brightest of the models gives 110 lumens.  All models come with a belt/pocket clip.


Dick has done his fair share of flashlights.  He has a fear of running out of flashlights.

Jack Benny

Josh from Denver has just started reading Good Days And Mad by Dick, in which a brief mention was made of Jack Benny whom Dick met (and in Episodes 397 and 556).  The Jack Benny Show was one of Josh's favourite old time radio shows, a lot of which Dick and Leo have talked about.

Another Phobia

Dick met Jack Benny on one of flights back from Los Angeles to New York while working on Match Game.  During their conversation, Jack told a story about George Burns's fear of flying.  Jack Benny had told Burns to look at the birds outside the plane which were also flying, just as they were.  Burns's riposte was, "It's their job!"

Chatroom Mayhem

Someone in the chatroom was misbehaving during the recording of the show, and Leo was distracted by having to deal with it and banning him from the chatroom.  At least that's his excuse for playing the Letters Jingle twice: not keeping his eyes on the ball, his 65cm diameter fitness ball.

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