Daily Giz Wiz 713: Belkin Powerline AV

Episode 713 of the podcast

Belkin Powerline AV
Subject: Review of Belkin Powerline AV
Released:Wednesday 3 December 2008
Length:about 24 minutes
Download file:dgw0713.mp3 (10.9 MB)

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Short info

Extend your Internet connection through your house's electrical outlets with the Belkin Powerline AV.

Detailed information

Today's gadget arrived during the recording of yesterday's episode, and Dick and Leo play "What's In The Box?" again.  It's Belkin's Powerline AV+ Starter Kit.  The set uses the HomePlug technology to set up a network within your house using the power circuit, for sharing internet connection.

The Starter Kit consists of 2 Network Adapters.  Plug the first adapter (which has only 1 ethernet port) into a wall outlet and connect it to your router.  Plug the other adapter (which has 3 ethernet ports) into a wall outlet and connect up your computer or other devices into any of the 3 available ethernet ports.  Your internet connection can then be accessed on such computer or devices (such as AV equipment or game console).

Data transfer is encrypted using 128-bit AES.  The rated data transfer speed is 200 Mbps, useful for areas of your house which are difficult to reach by WiFi or ethernet cables.  The transfer rate is claimed to be good enough for "HD Movies".

There is another, cheaper, model called the Powerline AV Starter Kit (without the + sign).  Same specs but both adapters have only 1 ethernet port.

Match Game Moments

Last Saturday Dick appeared live on Stickam for his Match Game Moments.

An Oasis of Laughter and Silliness

Aaron B has been a fan since the early 1720's when Dick and Leo used to bellow at each other about the latest innovation in quills.  Life is a rollercoaster but through thick and thin Dick and Leo have provided him with an oasis of laughter (and silliness, adds Leo).  He saw the R2D2 Soy Sauce Bottle on the Star Wars Shop and felt compelled to share it with Dick and Leo.  It's also available on Amazon.  The soy sauce pours through the Holo Projector.

A Sea Captain

Dick was once told by a psychic, who detected the salt spray in Dick's beard, that he had been a sea captain in a previous life.

Christmas Schedule

Leo is off to France for Christmas, but they will be pre-recording some shows which should cover much of Christmas.

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