Daily Giz Wiz 719: Mini-Motel

Episode 719 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Mini-Motel
Released:Thursday 11 December 2008
Length:about 20 minutes
Download file:dgw0719.mp3 (9.3 MB)

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Short info

Get a few winks when your flight is canceled with the Mini-Motel.

Detailed information

Back in Episode 616, when Dick and Leo talked about how airports did everything to prevent you from lying down, Dick referred to an article in the New York Times which reported the invention by someone of an "airport tent".  That someone is Frank Giotto, and the airport tent is called the Mini Motel.  The package includes all you need to construct a tent, an inflatable mattress, an inflatable pillow and bed sheet, plus an alarm clock, a reading light, ear plugs, and eye shades.

When folded up, the package is only 17" x 12" x 3", but it might be a little difficult to get the tent and all its accessories back into that shape.

Match Game Moments

The Live Stream of Match Game Moments took place on Saturday 29 November 2008, which Dick greatly enjoyed.  Unfortunately no one seems to have captured the video stream.  Dick hopes that Andy of Stickam has a copy, but if not, he might do it again.

Farewell to Disco Dick

Dick has finally given away his houseboat, complete with a disco, as he told us in Episode 703.  He's given it to a charity called Boat Angel.  Here's Dick's farewell video:

[play video]

A Hot Couple

Ralph Evinrude of Evinrude Motors and his singer wife Frances Evinrude had a 100-foot boat.  Dick has a story to tell about Evinrude's generosity about replacing Evinrude engines.

A Junkie for Flashlights, Pens, Pocket Knives and Everything Collectible

Most frequently read DGW correspondent Steve Miller from Westerville, Ohio confesses to being a pen, pocket knife and flashlight junkie.  He bought a Stanley Tripod Flashlight (Episodes 548), and since the Travelon Sheets (Episode 689), has managed to stop buying DGW gadgets for about a month so far, and hopes that Dick will not be covering pocket knives for a while, or he will be broke.  For Steve's earlier collection, read the list in Episode 279.

For those interested in flashlights, Steve recommends SureFire, which has the E2D LED Defender, a tactical self-defence flashlight with a crenellated strike bezel.

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