Daily Giz Wiz 721: Digital Photo Frame Ornament

Episode 721 of the podcast

Digital Photo Frame Ornament
Subject: Review of Digital Photo Frame Ornament
Released:Monday 15 December 2008
Length:about 16 minutes
Download file:dgw0721.mp3 (7.4 MB)

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Short info

See all your loved ones as you celebrate Christmas with the Digital Photo Frame Ornament.

Detailed information

A seasonal gadget for those who want to decorate their Christmas trees with something different.  The Digital Photo Christmas Ornament is essentially a digital picture frame housed in a bauble which can be hung on a Christmas tree.  1.5" LCD display, with slideshow function.  It has a slightly flattened base which can sit on any surface.  Uses 2 AAA batteries.  Available from Brookstone, in red and green.

Christmas Trees

Leo is considering buying an expensive artificial Christmas tree from Balsam Hill, and Dick is doing everything to discourage him.  Jennifer wants a Charlie Brown Pathetic Christmas Tree, , and Leo doesn't think they make it.  The chatroom finds the Charlie Brown "Lonely Tree" on Amazon, which looks the same as the Pathetic Tree.


George from Ajax, Ontario, Canada writes to tell Dick that in his local library (Ajax/Pickering), the Kill A Watt (see Episode 706 for the Kill A Watt PS) is available for borrowing.  You get the device itself, a manual and even a Compact Fluorescent light bulb (which you can keep), all for free.  Those Canadian do-gooders!

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