Daily Giz Wiz 726: ScreenPlay TV Link

Episode 726 of the podcast

ScreenPlay TV Link
Subject: Review of ScreenPlay TV Link
Released:Monday 22 December 2008
Length:about 15 minutes
Download file:dgw0726.mp3 (7 MB)

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Short info

Play your videos on HDTV using component video or AV-out with the ScreenPlay TV Link.

Detailed information

Back in Episode 43, Dick introduced the Iomega Screenplay, which was a multimedia player with a built-in hard drive.  The Screenplay TV Link skips the hard drive but refines the multimedia playback capability.  It has a USB connection at the back for connecting to any USB storage (FAT or NTFS formatted, which can be an external hard drive or flash drive), and for video connections, it supports composite, component and HDMI.  For the latter 2 connections, you have the further option to upscale the video from 480i to 720p and 480p to 1080i.  Most video file formats are supported, including ripped DVD .vob files.  Remote control included.

For a full review, see CNET Reviews.

Christmas Specials

There will be no gadgets on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Christmas Eve will feature Paul Minshall's 12 Days of GizWiz.  Christmas Day will feature Dick reading answers from the TWiT Army on "What are you hoping to get for Christmas?"

Autograph Collector

Dick gets hundreds of emails a day, and one of them is a letter from Michael who collects autographs, from just about anyone.  Dick has sent him his autograph, Dennis Wonderlin's and the mail lady's.

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