Daily Giz Wiz 729: Your Wish List

Episode 729 of the podcast

Your Wish List
Subject: Review of Your Wish List
Released:Thursday 25 December 2008
Length:about 24 minutes
Download file:dgw0729.mp3 (11.1 MB)

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Short info

What do Daily Giz Wiz listeners want for Christmas?

Detailed information

No gadgets again on this Christmas Day from Dick and Leo, but Dick has asked the TWiT Army to email him about gadgets they would love to see under the Christmas tree this year.  Here are some of them: a Mac Mini with Parallels and Windows Vista, a Google Android phone on Verizon, a laptop - a MacBook Pro perhaps or an HP TouchSmart Notebook, a ThinkGeek Annoy-A-Tron, a camera with geotagging and a decent zoom, a blu ray player, a Segway, "My two front teeth" or some high speed RAM, a Powerball Gyroscope, a Tricaster (from Leo maybe?), a Flip Ultra for Jean Troiano (and a belated Happy Birthday to Mike Troiano on 19 December), and an autographed Richard DeBartolo Handle-bar Moustache that wiggles and barks like a Bijon Frise.

Blessed Interaction

Leo has everything he could ever wish for, and feels blessed that he is able to do the podcast with Dick, and Dick loves interacting with Leo on the Daily Giz Wiz, especially on Tuesdays.

Family Affairs

Dick and Leo aren't that keen on family meet-ups, and Dick for the first time on DGW reveals that he has a brother called Leo.  Who can blame him?

Pride And Glory

Pride And Glory has finally been released.  You can catch a glimpse of Dick's houseboat (now given away to a charity) in the film.  Watch out for a fibre optic Christmas tree.  For the full story, revisit Episodes 460 and 461.

And Finally, A Merry Christmas ...

... from me and all my imaginary staff at insidedgw.vox.com to Dick and Leo (who have given us a show for all seasons), to the TWiT staff (Dane, Colleen, Tony and Frederique who have kept the TWiT machine running), to Ludwik Trammer (who keeps doing wonders), to Paul Minshall, George Wood, Dan Lueders, all the jingle contributors and Daniel Rodrigues Parreira (who have made the show so much fun to listen to by performing all the themes and jingles and making them accessible to us all), and to all the fellow DGW listeners (who are mad enough to listen to the show).

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