Daily Giz Wiz 731: The Torch

Episode 731 of the podcast

The Torch
Subject: Review of The Torch
Released:Monday 29 December 2008
Length:about 14 minutes
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Short info

You can't get any brighter than the 4100-lumen Torch flashlight.

Detailed information

Dick has a penchant for flashlights, but even he doesn't think he wants this one (unless someone gives it to him for Christmas).  Waiting to enter the Guinness Book of Records, The Torch offers 4,100 lumens.  The battery lasts only 15 minutes, but is rechargeable.  It's offered by Wicked Lasers, one of Steve Wozniak's favourite sites, where he gets his green lasers.  The website was also suggested by regular correspondent Alessandro Abate back in Episode 582.

The flashlight is so bright that the heat given off by it is intense enough to light up a cigarette, turn paper into cinders and even cook scrambled eggs.  A blazing torch, literally.

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A Free USB Smart Button

Donny Robinson, audio engineer at the Kimball Recital Hall, University of Nebraka, has a lot of flashlights, and his favourite is the GizWizBiz Cap.  At Dick's invitation, Donny bought 4 Caps and got a free USB Smart Button as promised by Dick in Episode 715 (for any order of 3 Caps or more).

Back To Normal

This is the last of the holiday season pre-recorded show.  Tomorrow Dick and Leo will resume their Tuesday recording, and release Episode 732 as soon as possible.

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