Daily Giz Wiz 743: Hot Tips

Episode 743 of the podcast

Hot Tips
Subject: Review of Hot Tips
Released:Wednesday 14 January 2009
Length:about 16 minutes
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Short info

Charge almost any cell phone four different ways with the eco-friendly hottips.

Detailed information

Link: hottips-eco

From CES 2009, this All-In-One Charger from Hottips is designed for charging your cellphone, with a car charger, an AC wall charger, a removable USB cord, and even an emergency charger for connecting to a 9V battery.  You can order the hot tip for your own model of cellphone, available for the major brands such as Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia, LG and Sony Ericsson.  There is even a charger for iPods and iPhones.

Surviving CES and MacWorld

Dick survived a less crowded but still very busy CES, and Leo fooled them again with his keynote at MacWorld Expo.

Lose It!

Kathleen sends for best wishes to Dick for his downsizing of the Gadget Warehouse, and for Leo's downsizing, she recommends an iPhone app called Lose It.  It uses the same database for creating nutrition labels for food packaging.  Dick doesn't need it, as he exercises for 20 minutes a day, walks a lot and goes to the gym.

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