Daily Giz Wiz 744: Cell-Mate

Episode 744 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Cell-Mate
Released:Thursday 15 January 2009
Length:about 16 minutes
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Short info

Hands-free driving will never be the same again with Cell-Mate.

Detailed information

The sales pitch of the Cell-Mate is that every time you introduce a new element to a cellphone, like a wireless or bluetooth headset, there is a loss in reception quality.  The Cell-Mate eliminates your bluetooth headset.  No pairing involved.  No charging necessary.  There is no new technology to grapple with.  You just velcro your cellphone to the Cell-Mate bracket and just wear the whole thing on your head.

You won't hear about the Cell-Mate on CNet, PC Magazine or CNN.  Only on the Daily Giz Wiz.

Dick doesn't think it will stand a chance, not to mention the other Cell Mate which makes these Stickpads for cellphones you put on your dashboard.  And how about a simple rubber band, like the one below, picture from Cheapedia:


Alan Ralph from the UK saw this on the Wal-Mart site and thought immediately of Dick and Leo.  It's the George Foreman iGrill, an indoor outdoor electric grill complete with an iPod dock and speaker system.  It's a day of wacky gadgets.

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