Daily Giz Wiz 747: Griffin AirCurve

Episode 747 of the podcast

Griffin AirCurve
Subject: Review of Griffin AirCurve
Released:Tuesday 20 January 2009
Length:about 18 minutes
Download file:dgw0747.mp3 (8.5 MB)

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Short info

Amp up your iPhone without power with The Griffin AirCurve.

Detailed information

Griffin makes a good number of iPod and iPhone accessories.  Their latest offering is the AirCurve.  It is a clear polycarbonate dock for the iPhone EDGE or 3G.  The sound waves from the speakers at the base of the iPhone are guided through the coiled waveguide "horn" inside the box which are then amplified by aobut 10 decibels and projected out to the room.  Like the Cell-Mate (Episode 744), there are no batteries, no pairing or charging necessary, no electrical or electronic circuitry involved, but a lot of technology and it is just a tad more elegant.  Griffin describes it as an acoustic amplifier.

At the base of the AirCurve is a small slot for the dock cable to pass through, so you can charge your iPhone or keep it running from your power source.

A Jumbo of a Podcast on Inauguration Day

As America reaches Inauguration Day for their 44th President, the Daily Giz Wiz has come to another milestone of its own.  With 747 episodes under its belt, DGW has reached jumbo proportions.  Leo plays a video on YouTube of a 747 flying overhead to celebrate, while I have made a mock Daily Giz Wiz Button, a parody of the Obama "Future of America" Button which is available at PoliticalShopping.com.

[play video]

To Squeeze or Not To Squeeze

Michael Lurch heard the Logitech SqueezeBox Boom being mentioned by Steve Miller in Episode 735, which is a favourite of his for listening to internet radio.  Although he likes the CCrane Wifi Radio (Episode 712), the advantage of the SqueezeBox is that when you have two or more of them in the house, you can synchronise the music on all the SqueezeBoxes so that you can listen to the same music or radio as you move from room to room.  Leo is going to get internet radio for Mama Laporte, and is torn between the SqueezeBox and the CCrane Wifi Radio.

For a picture of the SqueezeBox Boom, see Episode 682.

The TWiT Wiki

The TWiT Wiki has been up for more than a week now, which uses the same software as Wikipedia.  There are Wiki pages for the Daily Giz Wiz, list of episodes and shownotes.  Check out the DGW Wiki pages.  You can also create an account for editing those pages.

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